Now that the weather is getting a tad bit warmer, I can wear stylish blouses like this again! This Chaus New York blouse definitely falls under my favorite things category, and I got it from TJ Maxx around August/September ’17 timeframe; it was between $12-$15.

The reasons why it’s one of my favorites:

FIRST: The draping is PERFECTION! The v-neckline falls tastefully above my bust, eliminating unexpected/unwanted decolletage exposure; this is very important to me in the workplace.

SECOND: It has a bloused hem on the body and the sleeves are bloused as well!  I love love love stylishly functional clothes! This blousing prevents me from struggling to keep my shirt tucked in throughout the day, and it also keeps my sleeves in place when I pull them up.

THIRD: This shade of pink complements me and I love the stark contrast of the black flowers. The pattern is not overwhelming and this delicately conveys to everyone that I mean business.

Do you have a favorite work blouse, if so, what do you love about? Comment below!

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