Collabo with Nicki


I will keep this brief because the pictures speak for themselves. Shot out to Niki & Jaz for these awesome pics!!!

Double shot out to my Sister, April, for the fabulous shades; they really enhanced this shoot!

Love you all!


#TBT – African Print Romper

This piece I purchased from Amy Club Wear back in 2012/2013. It was very inexpensive (no more than $25) and I looooove how the colors are paired; they just pop! Also, though strapless, the romper never betrayed me. It pairs nicely with a sweater or blazer too.

Unfortunately, I gave this one away because I lost it to post baby weight, and it no longer flatters my current figure; but it will always remain in my little stylish heart as one of my favorite rompers!

Thank you African Print Romper ♥️

Wine Bohemian Stitched Blouse

So this was a clearance purchase at Target. I got it for my Sam’s 1st Birthday Party, and it was Moana Themed (See pic below). I can not remember exactly how much I paid, but it was in the $12-$15 range. So this was a clearance purchase at Target. I got it for my Sam’s 1st Birthday Party, and it was Moana Themed (See the last pic). I can not remember exactly how much I paid, but it was in the $12-$15 range. As you probably guessed, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the bohemian/tribal/southwestern stitching on the sleeves; the collar is fun too. The high waisted skinnies are also from Target and were $19.99. Lastly, the wedges were from a Wet Seal in Colorado Springs, Colorado; they were no more than $20.

Sam's 1st Bday
From Left to Right: Steve, Sam and I at Sam’s 1st Birthday Party



Black H&M Peacoat

Sorry for not posting in a while…

The weather is finally starting clear here in Montana, so that means I can shoot again! These were taken right before we got hit with constant snow, but I was also sick and exhausted from tax season (I work as an admin for a public accounting firm).

The Black Pea Coat I picked up from an H&M during one of my travels because the weather betrayed me again; I think this was in Colorado. It was between $50 – $80 and I honestly forgot I had because when I was pregnant, I sent it to the back of the closet for obvious fit reasons. I went digging for an “in between seasons” coat and I found this! It was like buying it for the first time all over again. I really like this peacoat because, in addition to it being adequate for the transition of the seasons, this collar is everything! There are multiple variations of rocking this collar, making it feel like a new coat every time. I typically wear it asymmetrical and down (2nd picture from last) for functionality reasons, but I have definitely worn it the other ways too.

Do you have a favorite in-between-seasons coat?


Grey Flower-Print Blouse and Electric Blue Pumps

I’m starting to realize that I wear a lot of flowered blouses lol! This is another #tjmaxxfind and it was between $12-$15. The bonus points about this top (1) it has bloused sleeves (2) I love the back/tail of the shirt (3) the hidden button placket. The pants are Target ($19.99) and the shoes are ($25-$30).

No, I do not wear heels at work, and if I did, they would not be this high and this pointy; I stand and walk around A LOT. For this shirt I just wanted to make the blue in the blouse pop, it came to me as I was leaving the house for work.

Have a favorite flower-print blouse? Please Share!


Blue Pants Saffron Tank & Diamond-Print Jacket


These pants are the sister/brother pants to the magenta pants  ($16 – $20) featured last week (Wednesday, March 21, 2018).  They are so bright and vibrant, so I just had to pair it with this awesome saffron colored tank ($12 -$15). It’s still a little breezy here in The Falls, so I finished it off with the diamond-print jacket from Old Navy. I picked this up in back in 2015 and I remember it being a little over $20. The shoes are TOMS and I remember them being on sale for $30 at our local Zumiez. Typically, I love pairing these shoes and tops together whenever I can; they kind of match in their own hodge-podge of prints kind-of-way.

Show me your bold spring colors and/or prints!

Black Poncho and Suede Booties with Olive Green Pants

This outfit was inspired by the rain. On the day I the day I shot this, the forecast called for precipitation. Even though there was a light drizzle in the morning, nothing happened all day. I even packed an umbrella to catch some catch some awesomely dramatic shots, but oh well, there’s always next time. Nevertheless, I was still very thankful for all this gorgeous sun!

I just love these booties, they have such a dramatic profile and are relatively comfortable. The one thing I hate about this is the same reason why I love them: They’re suede. I usually have an aversion to suede shoes because I always manage to scuff and ruin the color/material of the shoe. I’ve had these for about five years, and they’re still going strong without an incident. On the other hand, I love the suede because it manages to bring out the truest, richest hue in any color; in this instance, the blackest black. IMO: Suede is like the fabric sister of matte lipstick and nail polish.

The boots are from, and they were between $35-$45.

The poncho ($26.99) and pants ($19.99) are from Target.

T-Shirt Friday: The Bel-Air Bunch


img_1172-1So this awesome number is from Ript Apparel. They have THE BEST t-shirts when it comes to crossovers for pop-culture references! My shirt pays homage to both the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and the Brady Bunch, hence, “The Bel-Air Bunch.”

I have so many of their other daily-deals tees: The designs are from various artists all over the world and are done after 24 hours, what’s more, they are only $13 a shirt! You should check them out, they definitely have something for everyone! Link Below.

Disclaimer: I was not paid to say/type any of this…I just really like this company.

Happy Friday!

Do you shop at Ript Apparel? If so, show me your favorite shirt?

Ript Apparel’s Website


#TBT – Espana Pt.2

Salvador Dali is my favorite artist of all time. So I went to Figueres to visit his awesome museum. This was my second time visiting Spain, and I dearly miss the place. The outfit below is actually what I wore at the museum. The outfit above is what I wore to the Girona Cathedral the next day. I had a blast both days and hope I can go back to visit.

Disclaimer: This was back in 2011, so I honestly can not remember where I purchased everything; especially with me living in Germany and ordering every thinging offline during this time. The only items I still have is the skirt, maybe the sandals, and the necklace. Everything else has either went to the trash or is MIA. Either way, I was very pleased with the overall looks.


What are your favorite travel outfits?

Magenta Pants and Blue Blouse with Flowers


THISSSSS is one of my favorite work outfits! Now that Spring is here, I can finally wear my colorfully stylish clothes (SN: I desperately need to will be upgrading my winter wardrobe). If I could, I would wear these pants in every color along with different variations of the blouse every day for the rest of my working life. Both I found at TJ Maxx this past summer, with the pants ranging between $16 – $20 and the blouse, $13 – $16.

I love the pants because they fit perfectly, and they are the perfect highwaters length (or height lol) to show off my ankles. Unfortunately, they have no functioning pockets, just some faux numbers that are perfectly affixed atop my bum.

The blouse is just full of colors and I can pair it with so many things. Plus, it’s light, allowing for some ventilation; this is vital because I am always hot while indoors. I have to tuck it in but it drapes beautifully on its own with minimal effort.

Show me your favorite work outfit from this week! 


T-Shirt Friday: Eagles

Happy Friday! We made it through the week!

As promised, something Philly/Eagles (see the About Me page). This shirt is official gear from and it was an AWESOME Valentine’s Day present from the Hubs. I love it because it celebrates our first Super Bowl Win, however, it’s very ill-fitting. It is very big in the chest and body, fits more like a medium rather than a small, and the v-neck is cut too wide for my liking. Hopefully, after a couple of washes and tumbles in the dryer, it will form better to me. Nevertheless, I am still very grateful for this tee and proud to wear it.

Show me your Friday T-Shirt! 


Throw Back Thursday – ModCloth Sweet Heart Flower Dress


In 2015, I went to Hawaii to celebrate my 30th Birthday, and this was my Dirty 30 Celebration Attire. As noted in the title, it is from Mod Cloth. They call it, the “Mirror to my Heart Dress,” and it was $99.99. It has boning and the bodice, a little tulle to help support the “hoop” like appearance at the waist, and BONUS: IT HAD POCKETS!!! I absolutely love this dress: It’s white with the perfect mix of color, and it has a sweetheart neckline. If I could, I would literally wear this dress every day, or some variation of it.

The shoes are by Chinese Laundry, they are called “Born to Stun,” in the delft blue (mainly at ankle and heel), and were priced at $89.99. Since I’m a September baby (#VirgoSeason), and this was my birthday celebration, it was very important for me to wear accessories in the closest shade of Sapphire; and these shoes were absolute PERFECTION for the festivities. Though beautifully crafted with awesomely jeweled flowers on the toe strap, they hurt after about an hour of wear…I wore them for two and a half. I was grateful that I packed sandals.

I usually do not spend this much money on clothes, but why not, you only turn 30 once!


For my swimwear, the hat was actually purchased at the 2008 Denver Renaissance Fair. I think it was pricey but I did not care, it’s big and obnoxious and I love the drama that it brings. The bathing suit is from Zumiez and it was between $20-$30. The sarong isn’t even a sarong at all! It’s actually a cover-all that I just tied at my waste. The bikini top was my favorite part about this set, it was just something different for me because I always stick to slimmer silhouettes. It also had a racerback finished with the ties threaded quite intricately; the bottom has the same details on the hips.


What’s your favorite throwback birthday look?

Brown Michael Kors Flats



So these are another pair of flats that I just adore! They are relatively comfy (I have some friction because of the shape of my foot, not because of the quality of shoe).  Even though they are not the exact color as my complexion, they are a pretty neutral brown and I can pair them with many outfit combinations.

The main reason why I love these shoes: The tastefully gaudy gold buckles on the toes! I JUST LOVE THEM! I am a sucker for gold accessories and this just speaks to me. When I saw them, I just had to have them. They were between $60-$80 at my local Base Exchange, and I am so glad I stumbled across them when I did. I try to find any reason/outfit to wear them. Also, they have a subtle way of dressing up outfits such as the one I have on in these pictures.



Just in case you are curious about the rest of the outfit. Both the pants ($19.99) and shirt ($12-$15) are from Target (even my tank underneath – I like layers).  Fun fact, I actually bought this top when I found out I was pregnant. The maternity clothes that I purchased weren’t maternity clothes at all, just regular garments that are a size bigger guaranteeing my money’s worth pre and postpartum; and this blouse is one of them. It’s very bohemian chic, flowy, and the cream off-white color pops (I’m a sucker for white clothes) ALSO, check out this stitch work. How could you not love this!

Do you have a designer pair of flats? Do you regret buying them or are you grateful? 


Light Pink Blouse with Black Flowers


Now that the weather is getting a tad bit warmer, I can wear stylish blouses like this again! This Chaus New York blouse definitely falls under my favorite things category, and I got it from TJ Maxx around August/September ’17 timeframe; it was between $12-$15.

The reasons why it’s one of my favorites:

FIRST: The draping is PERFECTION! The v-neckline falls tastefully above my bust, eliminating unexpected/unwanted decolletage exposure; this is very important to me in the workplace.

SECOND: It has a bloused hem on the body and the sleeves are bloused as well!  I love love love stylishly functional clothes! This blousing prevents me from struggling to keep my shirt tucked in throughout the day, and it also keeps my sleeves in place when I pull them up.

THIRD: This shade of pink complements me and I love the stark contrast of the black flowers. The pattern is not overwhelming and this delicately conveys to everyone that I mean business.

Do you have a favorite work blouse, if so, what do you love about? Comment below!

Plaid Studded Flats


I love these shoes. I’ve had them for at least six years.  These are also from Ross, and I think they were only $9.99. When I found them, they instantly caught my attention, and they just so happened to be my size; I felt like the universe was screaming for me to purchase them at that point.

When I was still Active Duty, I could only wear these on the weekends and as much as I love them, I did not wear them like that; may once every three months at most. Now that I’m a civilian again, I can wear them more often and surprisingly I have different outfit combinations in my closet that matches them perfectly.

SN: There was a friendly squirrel that would not leave me alone. We chased each other around for a hot minute. That is all.

What are your favorite pair of flats?  

A Wrinkle in Time



Today my friend and I saw A Wrinkle in Time; it is a visually stunning movie – you should check it out if you can.  Prior to that, we had burgers- the special, British Steel-at our local burger spot, Roadhouse Diner. The weather was absolutely gorgeous today! We took a drive around town and I just had to take advantage of this amazing sun!

Poncho & Philosophy Jeans are from Ross. While the Thermal Tee and Booties came from target. The rings (excluding my wedding bands) are from Claires. However, my FAVORITE thing about this outfit are my sunglasses! I got these from Nakayla’s Jewelry Box in 2016 and they were only $9.99 ($12.49 after shipping). I have no idea if they are still available, but at the time, they also came in a blue shade. I absolutely love these shades as a statement piece.

Thanks for the awesome pix Jaz! ♥️

Happy Saturday!

International Women’s Day

In honor of International Women’s Day, I’m just going to just put THIS right here and bask in its excellent glory. Thank you Ladies for empowering all Women everywhere, and elevating us Brown Girls this year!

Photo Credit: Essence Magazine

Lunch Break Photo Shoot

So believe it or not, this is not one of my favorite outfits. Also, I typically pair black boots with this outfit, but today something told me to wear my trusty brown versions and it just made the outfit pop for me. So I wanted to take advantage of the winter wonderland and my new favorite spot under the Central Ave. Bridge. Both the top and pants are from Target. The Mossimo was purchased on clearance one winter ago, so sorry I forgot the price. The pants are Universal Thread, high skinnies and they were $19.99. My boots I also got a couple of winters ago, but I picked them up at Famous Footwear.


As for the jacket, this was about $30-ish from Ross and (dare I say it) it’s an Ivanka Trump. I love the hood on this bad boy, and any chance I’m outside I love taking selfies with it surrounding my head; note the picture I took yesterday with the headphones.


Below are my additional favorites from today. 

I took these pictures with a Canon Powershot and a tripod. There was ALOT of running and giggling to myself as I coordinated, directed, and modeled in my own photo shoot. Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

What’s your “go-to” winter/work look?

Snow Days

I’m really trying to appreciate the snow because it’s a beautiful miracle to witness that some do not get to see. Also, it helps decrease the number of potential summer fires.

How have you been doing this winter? Any complaints or appreciations?