So my husband and I had the privilege of visiting Missoula during the 4th of July Weekend. Prior to departure, we heard from a close friend about this amazing place, so we added it to our “must see” list. The garden is a 30-minute drive north of Missoula and it used to be a sheep farm. Per the shopkeep, 20 years ago a reincarnated Lama kept having dreams about this place and somehow made his way here and made magic happen. This shrine/garden itself is gorgeous, peaceful, and so serene. I am hoping to see it again before permanently leaving the state.

Photo Credit – A shout out to my awesome husband for taking the individual pictures of me đŸ™‚

This is at the very beginning of the garden. Each Buddha holds different meanings, myself and other visitors placed coins and other offerings for luck/blessings in these specific fields.

Next, the clockwise path around the garden: The entire garden is in the shape of a “Dharma Wheel” or the “Dharmachakra”. This is a huge symbol of spiritual awakening within Buddhism. The entire wheel is comprised of 8 spokes, each representing Buddha’s eightfold path of view, intention, speech, action, livelihood, effort, mindfulness, and concentration. (

Also, throughout various parts of the garden, there are these wonderfully amazing quotes from Buddha, all etched in stone and are very thought-provoking/soul searching.

Last, but certainly not least, at the center of it all is the Great Mother of Wisdom, Yum Chenmo. Standing at 24 feet tall, she is surrounded by all of the Buddhas and Stupas – a symbol of awakening – and is a vivid colorful shrine of absolute beauty.

Please go visit this amazing garden and do share your experience with me. I promise you, you will not forget nor regret. Cheers!

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