So Stephen and I have had the pleasure of visiting this awesome bistro. They are located on Machinery Row of 2nd Ave South, and their coffee & food is AMAZING! I instantly fell in love with its rustic decor and charming little accents. The staff is also phenomenal and are some of the warmest, friendliest people in town!

Steve and I both had their delicious Turkey Sandwich on Foccacia with a tasty garlic Aioli and a side of Way Better Sweet Chili Chips. Everything is made fresh daily and you can tell; it’s so fabulous!  Below are all the details about this place I fell in love with.

If you’re in town please go check them out here -> Al Banco’s Website

If you have already been, tell me your favorite(s) or if you have any recommendations for our next lunch date.

Lastly, here’s a quick photo shoot with my latte. Lol!

Click on the gallery above for an enlarged view.

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