Sorry for not posting in a while…

The weather is finally starting clear here in Montana, so that means I can shoot again! These were taken right before we got hit with constant snow, but I was also sick and exhausted from tax season (I work as an admin for a public accounting firm).

The Black Pea Coat I picked up from an H&M during one of my travels because the weather betrayed me again; I think this was in Colorado. It was between $50 – $80 and I honestly forgot I had because when I was pregnant, I sent it to the back of the closet for obvious fit reasons. I went digging for an “in between seasons” coat and I found this! It was like buying it for the first time all over again. I really like this peacoat because, in addition to it being adequate for the transition of the seasons, this collar is everything! There are multiple variations of rocking this collar, making it feel like a new coat every time. I typically wear it asymmetrical and down (2nd picture from last) for functionality reasons, but I have definitely worn it the other ways too.

Do you have a favorite in-between-seasons coat?


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