This outfit was inspired by the rain. On the day I the day I shot this, the forecast called for precipitation. Even though there was a light drizzle in the morning, nothing happened all day. I even packed an umbrella to catch some catch some awesomely dramatic shots, but oh well, there’s always next time. Nevertheless, I was still very thankful for all this gorgeous sun!

I just love these booties, they have such a dramatic profile and are relatively comfortable. The one thing I hate about this is the same reason why I love them: They’re suede. I usually have an aversion to suede shoes because I always manage to scuff and ruin the color/material of the shoe. I’ve had these for about five years, and they’re still going strong without an incident. On the other hand, I love the suede because it manages to bring out the truest, richest hue in any color; in this instance, the blackest black. IMO: Suede is like the fabric sister of matte lipstick and nail polish.

The boots are from, and they were between $35-$45.

The poncho ($26.99) and pants ($19.99) are from Target.

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