THISSSSS is one of my favorite work outfits! Now that Spring is here, I can finally wear my colorfully stylish clothes (SN: I desperately need to will be upgrading my winter wardrobe). If I could, I would wear these pants in every color along with different variations of the blouse every day for the rest of my working life. Both I found at TJ Maxx this past summer, with the pants ranging between $16 – $20 and the blouse, $13 – $16.

I love the pants because they fit perfectly, and they are the perfect highwaters length (or height lol) to show off my ankles. Unfortunately, they have no functioning pockets, just some faux numbers that are perfectly affixed atop my bum.

The blouse is just full of colors and I can pair it with so many things. Plus, it’s light, allowing for some ventilation; this is vital because I am always hot while indoors. I have to tuck it in but it drapes beautifully on its own with minimal effort.

Show me your favorite work outfit from this week! 


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