In 2015, I went to Hawaii to celebrate my 30th Birthday, and this was my Dirty 30 Celebration Attire. As noted in the title, it is from Mod Cloth. They call it, the “Mirror to my Heart Dress,” and it was $99.99. It has boning and the bodice, a little tulle to help support the “hoop” like appearance at the waist, and BONUS: IT HAD POCKETS!!! I absolutely love this dress: It’s white with the perfect mix of color, and it has a sweetheart neckline. If I could, I would literally wear this dress every day, or some variation of it.

The shoes are by Chinese Laundry, they are called “Born to Stun,” in the delft blue (mainly at ankle and heel), and were priced at $89.99. Since I’m a September baby (#VirgoSeason), and this was my birthday celebration, it was very important for me to wear accessories in the closest shade of Sapphire; and these shoes were absolute PERFECTION for the festivities. Though beautifully crafted with awesomely jeweled flowers on the toe strap, they hurt after about an hour of wear…I wore them for two and a half. I was grateful that I packed sandals.

I usually do not spend this much money on clothes, but why not, you only turn 30 once!


For my swimwear, the hat was actually purchased at the 2008 Denver Renaissance Fair. I think it was pricey but I did not care, it’s big and obnoxious and I love the drama that it brings. The bathing suit is from Zumiez and it was between $20-$30. The sarong isn’t even a sarong at all! It’s actually a cover-all that I just tied at my waste. The bikini top was my favorite part about this set, it was just something different for me because I always stick to slimmer silhouettes. It also had a racerback finished with the ties threaded quite intricately; the bottom has the same details on the hips.


What’s your favorite throwback birthday look?

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