So these are another pair of flats that I just adore! They are relatively comfy (I have some friction because of the shape of my foot, not because of the quality of shoe).  Even though they are not the exact color as my complexion, they are a pretty neutral brown and I can pair them with many outfit combinations.

The main reason why I love these shoes: The tastefully gaudy gold buckles on the toes! I JUST LOVE THEM! I am a sucker for gold accessories and this just speaks to me. When I saw them, I just had to have them. They were between $60-$80 at my local Base Exchange, and I am so glad I stumbled across them when I did. I try to find any reason/outfit to wear them. Also, they have a subtle way of dressing up outfits such as the one I have on in these pictures.



Just in case you are curious about the rest of the outfit. Both the pants ($19.99) and shirt ($12-$15) are from Target (even my tank underneath – I like layers).  Fun fact, I actually bought this top when I found out I was pregnant. The maternity clothes that I purchased weren’t maternity clothes at all, just regular garments that are a size bigger guaranteeing my money’s worth pre and postpartum; and this blouse is one of them. It’s very bohemian chic, flowy, and the cream off-white color pops (I’m a sucker for white clothes) ALSO, check out this stitch work. How could you not love this!

Do you have a designer pair of flats? Do you regret buying them or are you grateful? 


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