So believe it or not, this is not one of my favorite outfits. Also, I typically pair black boots with this outfit, but today something told me to wear my trusty brown versions and it just made the outfit pop for me. So I wanted to take advantage of the winter wonderland and my new favorite spot under the Central Ave. Bridge. Both the top and pants are from Target. The Mossimo was purchased on clearance one winter ago, so sorry I forgot the price. The pants are Universal Thread, high skinnies and they were $19.99. My boots I also got a couple of winters ago, but I picked them up at Famous Footwear.


As for the jacket, this was about $30-ish from Ross and (dare I say it) it’s an Ivanka Trump. I love the hood on this bad boy, and any chance I’m outside I love taking selfies with it surrounding my head; note the picture I took yesterday with the headphones.


Below are my additional favorites from today. 

I took these pictures with a Canon Powershot and a tripod. There was ALOT of running and giggling to myself as I coordinated, directed, and modeled in my own photo shoot. Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

What’s your “go-to” winter/work look?

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